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Storage Locker Organization & Inventory

This service is especially useful for helping those with probate cases, asset division, heirs, trustees, and estate planners. 

How It Works

We work with our clients remotely to get an idea of the needs for their storage locker. Sometimes they want to get it organized, and other times our clients are heirs/trustees who don't have time to look through the locker 
themselves. Once we have a plan in accordance with the client's needs, our clients give us access to the locker and we get to work. 

We go through the storage locker and make sure everything is organized in labeled containers/boxes. Sometimes we bring new boxes. We write every item down and take photos.  
Our clients are left with a detailed online inventory of what's located in each box/area of the locker. Curated Transitions currently uses for inventorying. If you're looking for a storage item in the future, you can type it into the search bar and Fairsplit will tell you where in the locker it's located. This is especially handy for dense lockers filled with collections, smaller objects, books, etc. Clients also have a sitemap of the locker so they can see where each numbered box is located.

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