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Having a smooth transition into a smaller home requires consideration for every item brought along in the move. Our goal is to work with you to decide what will join you in your new home, plus what to do with the items that won't. In the end, our clients have the final say!

Moving gets complicated. We're here to help through all the different phases and aspects!

This is a situation where you cannot use a “one size fits All” approach. We understand that each client is different and has different things to liquidate, as well as different financial expectations from their estate liquidation. As such, each client and situation will be considered carefully and individually.

This service is especially useful for helping those with probate cases, asset division, heirs, trustees, and estate planners.

Home should be your sanctuary, not a source of stress. In order to relieve that source of stress the professional organizers of chaos to order will work with you to bring a sense of peace back into your home. 

 A move manager is a person who organizes all or some aspects of a move to a new home. This also includes decluttering, deciding what items to keep and what needs to go to donation,  and coordinating with movers. 

Going through a divorce is almost always very stressful. We understand and have been through it ourselves. Let us help make the move easy. When there are years of accumulated items within a home, children, pets, etc., moving can get complicated and often overwhelming. 

Totally exceeding my expectations! I recently moved from NYC to California and had 155 boxes containing 30 years of my life.


Karen truly came to my rescue with her calm and reassuring demeanor and worked seemingly effortlessly with my mountains of belongings. She does everything! Unpacks, sorts, suggests, gives away, donates, makes amazing suggestions that I would not have thought of myself. She does it all and is a pleasure to work with. Karen and her team took so much of the weight off of me and have given me the peace of mind to know all will get done and get done RIGHT. Really could not recommend them highly enough!


I wish there were more than 5 stars to give! Above and Beyond!

- Beth Finkelstein

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