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Karen Martin

Owner of Curated Transitions 

(415) 602 - 0949 | (805) 669 - 6303 

My Story

In 2003 I moved my mother from a colossal 3 bedroom house into an apartment at an assisted living community. During the hours my mom and I spent sorting through her prized possessions, furniture, and art I unwittingly found my calling.  


My love for organizing, downsizing, and helping seniors was further cemented in 2012, when my husband and I moved our family of four from a 3000-square-foot home in the Bay Area to an 1300 sq ft home in Santa Barbara. I realized we didn’t need nearly half of the items filling our house.  In a way, reviewing our possessions proved to be cathartic. I love the freedom of having only our necessary possessions.


Our family of four has now grown to include a dog and 2 cats, and we’ve downsized yet again to an even smaller home at just 1000-square-feet. There is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. We have what we need, nothing extra, and it makes us happy to live in an open and organized home! 


When I’m not working, I love spending time with my beautiful twin daughters, husband, and pets. Our golden retriever, Stinson, recently started a promising career as a therapy dog, visiting local memory care communities.  

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