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Avoiding Fraud and Exploitation: 3 Web Pages That Give You Everything You Need

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

At Curated Transitions, we’re always aiming to equip our clients with organization and decluttering tools/exercises. There’s something we’ve been meaning to talk about which is equally as important: how to protect your seniors from fraud, scams, and exploitation. 

Seniors Are Often Targets

Unfortunately, many scammers and exploiters out there specifically target seniors, considering the many years of  hard-earned savings in their bank accounts. They can either be complete strangers, or people you/your senior has met.

How To Be Safe

So, how do we protect our seniors? We urge you to read these three short web pages/articles:

  1. Simple steps to protect your seniors from fraud/exploitation:

  2. Learn about various types of common scams:

  3. Still don’t know why seniors are targets? Here’s what the FBI says:

We hope you find these articles informative and helpful. Fraud can be detrimental to one’s finances and retirement accounts, with an average senior victim losing $120,000 according to the AARP. Feel free to share this post with anyone who will benefit from seeing it. Stay tuned for our next weekly blog! 

Karen from Curated Transitions

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