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It's Not Too Late for Your New Year's Resolution

Did you know 43% of people are expected to fail at their New Year's Resolution before February?

While this statistic may sound discouraging, we are here to remind you that success ≠ perfection. Whether your goal is to cut out carbs or clear out clutter, you can begin to improve your life any time of year, even if you haven't made any progress so far in January.

aftermath of a New Year's party: confetti, balloons, champagne
It's never too late to start improving your life.

To make sure your goals are attainable, we recommend starting small and celebrating your victories along the way! And if you've already scrapped the idea of your New Year's Resolution, just know it's never too late to jump back on that horse.

Getting organized is on a lot of our clients' To-Do lists for 2023, so we're here to offer some of our favorite tips for kickstarting an organizing project:

  1. Be Realistic - Don't set yourself up for failure by setting overly ambitious goals. Instead, set goals like "remove paper clutter" or "downsize my closet".

  2. Start Small - Start with something bite sized, like your junk drawer. Use the momentum to keep striving towards more organized spaces throughout your home.

  3. Schedule It - Schedule blocks of time for dedicated organizing efforts. If you've penciled it in on your calendar, you're less likely to put it off!

  4. Make a To Do List - Writing out a list of each step you need to take to complete your organization project makes it easier to break it into manageable chunks, keeping you from getting overwhelmed.

  5. Maintain - Make sure your hard work doesn't go to waste by scheduling 10 minutes at the end of each day to maintain your efforts.

Need more help with your organizing project? Give Karen of Curated Transitions a call today at (805)669-6303 for a friendly consultation.

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