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The Hard and Soft Skills of a Move Manager

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

We all know moving can be exhausting and daunting. If you’re visiting this blog post, it’s probably because you’re considering hiring a move manager for yourself or for a loved one. We’re going to quickly go through the hard skills and soft skills of a move manager.

Firstly, what is a move manager? A move manager is a person who organizes all or some aspects of a move to a new home. This includes decluttering, packing up items, donating anything unwanted, and coordinating with movers. 

If you’re still lost, we encourage you to watch this helpful animation created by The Downsizers which describes the move manager's role in a creative way:

Now to the good stuff. What hard and soft skills does every move manager possess? Though you''' might think the hard skills such as packing and decluttering matter the most, it's key to have soft skills too. After all, move managers are often dealing with decades' worth of items that hold emotional value.

Move Manager Hard Skills:

  1. Complete pre-move activities such as floor plans for your new home, packing boxes, referring and obtaining estimates from movers and junk haulers, staging the home to prepare for a fast, lucrative sale.

  2. Declutter, organize items, and donate/sell unwanted goods. 

Move Manager Soft Skills:

  1. Communication skills. This is important for coordinating with the clients, as well as the movers.

  2. Great listening skills most importantly to fulfill each clients’ wants, needs, and desires.

  3. Problem-solving abilities

  4. Must be detail-oriented

There you have it. These are the characteristics and abilities of a Move Manager. Read more at ​ if you want to know our services. Call Karen Martin at 805-669-6303 to arrange a free consultation. 

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